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Why set up Bee Label ?

The Colony Collapse Disoder (“CDD”) is an international growing phenomenon, identified for 30 years. Our future is directly concerned by the death of this major actor of pollination. Without bees, it is not only honey that disappears: 80% of what we consume will not be produced anymore. Imagine the impact on economy and on our lives.

Bee Label offers an innovative solution: the smart beehive. Equipped with numerous sensors and a theft protection, the Bee Label connected beehive can send several environmental measures. These data are available on your computer or our mobile application. That way, the beehive is “smart” and you can follow your bees’ activity anywhere and in real time.

You already have beehives? Connect them: you save time and increase your productivity. You want to get to know beekeeping? Discover the job in a simple and educational way with the Bee Label smart beehive. For companies which are looking for innovative and sustainable projects, Bee Label helps you in your CSR procedure to install beehives or sponsor bees.

In love with nature, contribute to their protection! Do not wait, support bees: Sponsor them.

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