An efficient tool, accessible to everyone

The connected beehive is an efficient tool of beekeeping assistance, simple to use and to fight against bees’ disappearance. It also allows you to optimize your activity. This non-intrusive control of your apiary is :

- a save of time

- an increase of your hives’ productivity

- a better follow-up of your bees

- an optimization of your visits to the apiary

The connected product is installed under your existing beehives, so that you can follow the good health of your bees from home. Even far, geographically speaking, from you, your beehives keep within a click. Thanks to its intuitive online dashboard and the mobile application, you keep an eye on your apiary 24/24h.

Alerts are sent by e-mail or on your phone for each event that requires your intervention.

This is the end of chalk markings on beehives’ roof!

You are the only one to have access to the dashboard. It will be your new log book. In a flash, you find your apiary’s review and prepare your interventions:

- Note the technical characteristics of your beehives (number of frames/superhives, queen’s age, transhumance …)

- Do a precise follow-up of your interventions (change of queen, collect…)

- Define threshold for which you want to be alerted

- Consult the month’s advices, the blooming calendar, and the weather forecast (4 days)

- And much more functionalities that each one can appropriate, according to his experience and needs.

Become a Bee Label “connected beekeeper” and equip your apiary freely

Bee Label brings a new market to beekeepers: large companies and local authorities. These new customers are looking for concrete action of sustainable development: they patronize beehives, installed in connected beekeeping farms and followed by beekeeper partners.

There are several advantages for the beekeeper:

A Free connection of all or part of the apiary

> An optimized follow-up of bees, a decrease of bees’ mortality by 40%

An increase in sales revenue

> Up to 120€/hive/year are transferred to the beekeeper

> A save of time and trips, up to 30%

> Controlled swarming, development of the livestock

> A 15% discount on Bee Label products

New customers

> The connected hives are patronized by large companies, which receive 20% of the production back (with a limit of 10kg/year)

A free communication

> You become the local beekeeper referent and your visibility by the public at a large is increased, thanks to the honey jars offered to the company’s employees and customers.

> You are promoted as a “connected beekeeper” on our website