Large companies

An innovative project for your CSR approach

Get involved in a significant way in an innovative project, which brings sense for your company.

An action close to your values which benefits each of your employees.

Patronize bees, it is possible !

Two solutions are opened to you.

You can install beehives on your site, if it is possible. The follow-up of hives (upkeep and honey collecting) is done by the closest beekeeper partner from your company; or by one of your voluntary employees (some trainings exist… See Trainings).

If you cannot install bees on your site, choose the patronage! On your site or at a distance, your commitment is the same: you participate in bees’ protection, in a sustainable way. The beehives are installed in beekeeping farms, where everything is done to provide them a right environment for their health. You follow their activity thanks to the connected product and communicate on your CSR commitment by your teams and customers.

You already have beehives?

Do not wait anymore to connect them! Your action will earn in visibility thanks to the kit of communication we offer. Do your bees have enough nourishing reserves? Give them an environment of quality with our honey seeds.

Your employees want to get involved by your side?

Suggest them to support your action by patronizing bees! The amount is free and they too will be able, in their own way, to protect the bees and to preserve biodiversity.

The innovation of the Bee Label beehive is in its globalization of services it brings: an environmental, social and economic control… A complete CSR approach, held by patented technological innovation.

A BFM TV Report, 03/29/16

Sustainable Development Benefits

  • Job creation
  • Development of the beekeeping economy
  • Support of the dicreasing beekeeping network
  • Protection of biodiversity

A 2.0 communication ready to use !

You are getting involved for biodiversity, do let people know! Honey jars, digital media (mobile application and intuitive online dashboard), communication campaigns (awareness, initiation, tasting…) Bee Label places communication tools at your disposal to bring your CSR commitment out.

Communication benefits

  • More highly valued commitment and CSR approach,
  • Liven up your company in an original way,
  • Customers' awareness and team-building medium,
  • Personalized honey jars,
  • Create an original dynamic

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