The label "Bee Label"

The alarming disappearance of bees is an international phenomenon identified for 30 years, it is called the Colony Collapse Disorder (“CDD”).

Our future and survival rely on this major protagonist of the environment. Without bees, there is no pollination anymore. It is not only honey that disappears: no more fruits, vegetables, flowers, no more pleasure… Many by-products would disappear and the entire economy would be affected.

The active fight against bee disappearance through:

  • The setting of beehives in high quantity, on targeted places,
  • An innovation: the smart beehive, which allows a concrete action of environment protection and a communication on your commitment

The innovation at the disposal of nature. The smart beehive gives you:

  • The weight
  • The temperature
  • The dampness
  • The geolocalisation
  • The luminosity
  • The atmospheric pressure

The smart beehive is also a job creation and the beekeeping network support :

  • An effective work tool
  • New customers
  • Appropriate trainings

Bee Label in figures