The connected beehive : a technological innovation to save the bees

The concept

Bee Label offers an innovative solution to companies, beekeepers and the public at large : the “connected” beehive.

Equiped with numerous sensors and a security system, the Bee Label connected hive allows to measure the weight, the temperature, the dampness, the luminosity, the orientation, the geolocalisation and the atmospheric pressure. These data are sent thanks to SiGFox or the GSM network to your personal dashboard. The connected product makes the beehive “smart” and makes the follow-up of colonies easier. Learn more

From a computer or a smartphone, your Bee Label personal account allows you to watch over your bees and their productivity. You receive alerts by e-mails or by phone (texts) when your intervention is necessary (theft, honey flow, swarming…): you save time and you do not move around needlessly!

The Bee Label smart beehive is also a tool for learning and communication. Thanks to its dashboard, non-professional beekeepers are advised and large companies share their commitment for bees.

To protect the bees and to support the beekeeping network, Bee Label suggests you different projects. Three solutions are offered to companies, local authorities and to the public at large:

Support connected beehives in our beekeeping farms

Install connected beehives in your company

Patronize bees

Support connected beehives

To get actively involved in the bees’ protection and the beekeeping network’s support, Bee Label offers companies and local authorities to patronize beehives in beekeeping farms. These hive are equipped with the connected product and are followed by a beekeeper partner. That way, advantages are the same as for the installation of beehives in your company: follow-up of patronized bees thanks to the Bee Label dashboard, communication campaign on your commitment for biodiversity, personalized honey jars with the company’s name. Learn more

Install connected beehives

What if your company were a heaven of peace? Do not wait to install them in your company or on your territory! Thanks to the Bee Label connected beehive, you follow their activity from the mobile application or the online dashboard, communicate on your CSR approach and get a collect with your name. You can also integrate a bit more your employees in this approach by suggesting them to get initiated to the practice with a beekeeper partner and to be in charge of the company’s beehive. Learn more

Patronize bees

The public at a large also can get involved, patronize bees! They will take up residence in our beekeeping farms and will be pampered by our beekeeper partners. You will follow their health and activity from home thanks to the mobile application and the Bee Label dashboard. With €1, you connect 10 bees… But you are free to give more for them! What are you waiting for? Patronize them.

Very shortly you won’t patronize bees … But entire connected beehives!