Know everything about the Bee Label connected beehive

The Bee Label connected beehive helps you to optimize the follow-up of your bees. That way, their high death rate decreases down to 40% and you save your time and trips up to 30%. Its online dashboard provides you the good beekeeping methods and analyzes the several data, collected on your beehive.


The connected beehive’s advantages

Follow your bees from home

  • The connected beehive allows a non-intrusive control of the colony and the prevention of abnormal behaviors..

A better profitability

  • A save of time and trips (optimized interventions), it is a better productivity and so, an increasing sales revenue!

Better work conditions

  • Each morning, check your beehives’ activity! And intervene if necessary. It is a revolution for the beekeeper and his bees, thanks to a non-intrusive control of the hive.

Simple installation and use

  • Order your connected beehive on the online shop. When you receive it, turn it on from your personal account. Install the product under the beehive: it is connected!

An intuitive and smart tool, accessible 24/24h

  • Interventions to plan, current flowering, estimation of honey production… The dashboard tells you what to do, when, and how to do it. The dashboard also gives information about sensors, a data review and a weather forecasting (4 days).

A sanitary log book

  • It helps you to note the interventions you made and to specify the characteristics of your hive, in order to improve its follow-up. The use is simple and intuitive: everything is accessible on a mobile application and an online dashboard.


  • Alerts, sent by mail or on your phone, inform you about every event that requires your intervention: a sudden disappearance of bees due to a disease or a treatment nearby… or a important variation in weight (collect or theft)…


  • You have noticed the beginning of a flowering in your region? You can inform us quickly! And you as well will be kept updated on current honey productions thanks to data collected by close beekeepers. The online dashboard is a collaborative platform, everyone is free to feed it. We guarantee an entire confidentiality of your data.

An attractive concept for new generations and non-professional beekeepers

  • The use of new technologies is interesting and can give a new lease of life to beekeepers. Thanks to the connected beehive, professionals can go with new beekeepers generation. It is easier to transmit your knowledge and novice beekeepers will be able to make their beekeeping debut serenely.

The connected beehive’s functionalities


  • The orientation and the luminosity help you to optimize the output of the hive and to influence the pollination period over the day

  • The dampness and the temperature alert on, for instance, the necessity to give something to drink to bees or the possibility to open the hive

  • The weight gives an idea of the colony’s health and the level of production (precision by 1g)

  • The geolocalisation completed with a security system) is a save of time for the organization of the honey collect and allows you to intervene quickly to collect or to treat your hive

  • The atmospheric pressure and the dampness alarm on a change in weather which could cause a behavior change and a gathering of the colony in the hive.


The Bee Label connected beehive uses a a double emission system, which is complementary : GSM network (a multi operator SIM card will select the best network nearby) and SIGFOX (radio frequencies).

In order to guarantee a minimal consumption of the battery (rechargeable), the transmitting system lies dormant continuously and wake up only twice a day to send data to the dashboard. This transmission frequency can be programmed to meet your expectations: twice a day (winter mode), 6 times a day, every 2 hours, every hour.


In a few instants, the beekeeper creates his personal account and have an access to the dashboard’s functionalities, from the web interface or the mobile application.