A different CSR action

with the connected hive

«It is totally in line with our values, for the environment, for the future, and for innovation. It is a unifying project.»

Nathalie Rojo, HR Director Thélem Assurances
save the bees since May 2016.

The concept

Bee Label offers an innovative solution to companies, beekeepers and the public at large : the “connected” beehive. Equiped with numerous sensors and a security system, the Bee Label connected hive allows to measure the weight, the temperature, the dampness, the luminosity, the orientation, the geolocalisation and the atmospheric pressure. These data are sent thanks to SiGFox or the GSM network to your personal dashboard. The connected product makes the beehive “smart” and makes the follow-up of colonies easier. 

From a computer or a smartphone, your Bee Label personal account allows you to watch over your bees and their productivity. You receive alerts by e-mails or by phone (texts) when your intervention is necessary (theft, honey flow, swarming…): you save time and you do not move around needlessly!

The Bee Label smart beehive is also a tool for learning and communication. Thanks to its dashboard, non-professional beekeepers are advised and large companies share their commitment for bees.

To protect the bees and to support the beekeeping network, Bee Label suggests you different projects. Three solutions are offered to companies, local authorities and to the public at large.

Sponsor bees

Apiary-shaped beehives managed by connected beekeepers, close to your business.


Bee Label handles everything for you and fits your budget. The benefits are the same as installing hives on your roof at a lower cost. Since the mobile application, you keep an eye on your bees, without risk of sting!     


79 € HT / hive connected / month
of which 10 € HT paid to the connected beekeeper

20% of the honey delivered in personalized pots, about 60 jars of 50g of honey per year + Communication kit

Quotation request

Install hives on your roof

Our beekeepers install hives connected to your green spaces or on your roof.


Your commitment to biodiversity is realized in the eyes of your employees. The beekeeper goes on site as soon as necessary: ​​the application informs him in real time and keep an eye on your bees from your pocket!


From 1750 € HT / hive connected / year
(installation + management included)

100% of the honey delivered in personalized pots, about 300 jars of 50g of honey per year + Communication kit

Audit request

Connect the hives in place

Monitorez your hives to qualitatively measure your action (honey production, mortality ...)


More and more companies are making a gesture for bees by installing hives on their roofs. A first step beneficial for biodiversity that can be a white operation for the company, if it can quantify and qualify it.


640 € HT the hive connected
+ 10 € / month of subscription

I order

Commit to biodiversity

and let it know!

Communication media
Which communication medium will best highlight your CSR commitment?

The personalized honeypots

Receive jars of honey in the colors of your company, ready-to-offer.

And why not baptize your honey production? A fun way to involve your employees and customers in your approach to the environment.

By sponsoring connected hives or by installing them on your site, you will receive customized honeypots to your colors.
To satisfy a specific need in communication, jars of honey can be ordered in addition.

Paper goodies ready to plant

An ecological support to carry your message, accompanied by a jar of honey.

This handmade paper made from recycled fiber contains honeycomb flower seeds.

Just put it in the ground and water it to see the first petals grow.

Message printed with vegetable inks.
Personalized form (cards, flyers, custom-made cutting ...)

Honey seeds

Honeybee blend of 23 annuals and 27 perennials.

Varieties selected for their nectariferous, fragrant and aromatic properties.

40 à 70cm

from March to June and from August to November

in the summer for spring sowing (annuals) and in the spring of the following years (perennials)

A living action

at the heart of the business

The animations

Experience # 1: Apprentice Beekeeper

Offer an unusual experience to your teams: extract honey freshly harvested by our beekeeper and put it in pots, personalized with the colors of your company.

Accompanied by our beekeeper, we bring frames of freshly harvested honey and all the material necessary for its extraction. The filtered honey can be potted (optional packaging, BAT label to validate upstream). Honeypots can be distributed to employees, offered to customers and partners, or sold for charity.

Optional One more morning to build hives: we bring the unassembled hives to you to do the rest! The fruit of your efforts, stamped with your name, will be offered to beekeepers in difficulty.

30mn bee sensitization,
a PDF booklet

3 hours (1 day with option)

In your offices

Experience # 2: Mellilogy

Introduce your teams to the mellilogy, the art of honey. Subtle aromas, powerful tastes and incredible virtues for our health ... Honey, which is classically associated with the flavors of our childhood, still remains unknown. Go with us to discover the best of nutraceuticals: yellow gold.

After an exchange with your teams, we will guide them through a tasting path. Honeys often surprise by their provenance: did you know that fennel honey was tasted and that, contrary to popular belief, its perfume did not look anything like anise?

Throughout this trip, we will explain how to prevent and / or cure many infections, by associating honeys to pathologies.

30mn bee sensitization,
a PDF booklet

3 hours

In your offices

Experience # 3: The Enlightened Gardener

Did you know that the first thing to do to help bees was to feed them? But these do not feed on any flowers!

A fun and friendly experience to beautify your green spaces. 3 tips to go further:

Delivery of ready-to-plant paper goodies carrying the values ​​of the company.

Work the project with your employees and your service green space on the most suitable place to sow, and the form that you give to this fallow melliferous.

Share the operation on social networks and encourage your employees to share the photos they can take from the fallow with a previously defined hashtag.

an awareness of the 30-minute bee,
a PDF booklet

3 hours

On your green spaces

A window on bees,

from your office