The connected hive

Follow your bees live from your smartphone

Save time and travel

Earn productivity!

Comfort of use

The connected beehive’s advantages

Better working conditions

Remote monitoring: non-intrusive control and prevention of abnormal behavior of the hive.

Mail and SMS alerts

Prevention of any event requiring intervention.

Tool to aid decision

Interventions to plan, current honeybee blooms, estimation of the amount of honey to produce ...
The management interface tells you what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

A management optimization that saves time and travel for better productivity and therefore additional turnover!

Easy installation

Upon receipt of the product, activate it from your personal account. Put it under your hive: it is now connected!

Health management notebook

Annotation of the interventions, improvement of the follow-up.

All the technology gathered

in a connected hive

The connected beehive’s functionalities

Patented product, made in France, dimensions :  48 cm x 43 cm x 14 cm - Rechargeable batteries

Assessment of the health of your colony and advanced honey production.

Orientation and inclination
Indication of orientation (cardinal points) and inclination (stability of the hive).

Performance optimization - bee pollination period in the day

Follow-up of the state of the hive (possible opening, addition of a drinking trough ...)

Follow-up of the state of the hive (possible opening, addition of a drinking trough ...)

Atmospheric pressure
Prevention of weather changes influencing the behavior of bees.

Geolocation and anti-theft alert
Save time in tour planning - thanks to email and / or SMS alerts.

4 days weather forecast
Pluviometry, lunar cycles, sunshine, direction and wind speed.

Other features
The dashboard also incorporates sensor status and data history.

An intuitive mobile app

Sending data: dual transmission system

GSM : A multi-operator SIM card selects the best network nearby

SIGFOX : Low frequency radio frequencies

Parameterizable transmission frequency
2 times a day (winter mode), 6 times a day, every 2 hours, every hour. In order to ensure minimal battery consumption, the transmitting system slumbers continuously and only wakes up twice a day to send the data.

A network of connected beekeepers

New customers
who sponsor hives connected to apiaries

Increased visibility
through honey pots offered to employees or organized events for customers

A payment of expenses
by the client companies. Beekeepers use free connected hives